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Lame Drupal Jokes

For a couple months, I was driving between DC and Wilmington 2-4 times a week. These jokes are a result of that drive. Feel free to add your own in the comment section. 

What did Drupal say to the database? Wanna hook_update?

Why did the block cross the road? To get to the other region.

What did the module say to the theme? You're blocking my view.

Why was the menu link sad? It didn't get a callback after the argument.

What did D6 say to D7? I look forward to meeting you. What did D7 say to D6? Nothing.


Scope Creep

I'm in the process of remodeling my garage. It's a one-car garage with one cinderblock wall and the rest as unfinished drywall. So far I've installed plumbing for a sink and prepared the drywall for painting. Par for the course for a man-cave, especially since the only reason I'm doing this is to build a room for my kegerator.


The 10 unspoken rules of open source communities

  1. Don't be a help vampire on the support foums. Answer at least 20 questions before you ask your own (IMHO, 20:1 is a good ratio).
  2. Respect is earned through three things: giving back to the community (code, forum support, financial), the number of digits in your user ID (less is better), and attending conferences/meetups.
  3. Real OSSers use Ubuntu or Mac, MS is just accepted.
  4. OSS is about community and relationships with people.

How to install a Razer Megalodon on Windows 7 32/64 bit

First off, very disappointed that it's a major PITA to install a Razer Megalodon on a Windows 7 machine. If you've found this post, you're probably in the same boat as I was. You may have found the Razer support page which claims to fix the problem, but clicking on the firmware update link at the bottom of the page leads to a 404.