I'm R.J. and this is my blog, it's a smattering of thoughts around technology, programming, open source software, the Drupal framework, and managing insane clients & projects. Thoughts are my own, read at your own risk, always safe-for-work.


First off, this is not an infomercial describing a service I offer, this is a genuine question I'm asking. I should preface this entire post by saying I'm dedicated to working with designers and agencies; I love my clients and my business model, I have no desire to change this. I pride myself on being a technology partner for my clients. This will not change.

Some thoughts on Drupal 8

I am primarily a Drupal site builder and themer, and occasional writer of code; my core skill-set is not in programming but in building and selling Drupal (I'm a true evangelist). That said, I have some thoughts on Drupal 8 core that I, as a hardcore Drupal user, would love to share. Here goes:

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Foundation Drupal 7 is a book I'm currently writing for Apress, to be released around the end of May or beginning of June (in typical Drupal fashion, it'll be ready when it's ready). The book is primarily targeted towards new users of Drupal, and will give you everything you need to know to setup and manage a Drupal website, including: