1. Don't be a help vampire on the support foums. Answer at least 20 questions before you ask your own (IMHO, 20:1 is a good ratio).
  2. Respect is earned through three things: giving back to the community (code, forum support, financial), the number of digits in your user ID (less is better), and attending conferences/meetups.
  3. Real OSSers use Ubuntu or Mac, MS is just accepted.
  4. OSS is about community and relationships with people.
  5. Don't talk business or sound like you're talking business. We're here for the community.
  6. All the important news in the world you ever need to know and discuss is on SlashdotXKCD is a good reference point for humor.
  7. Generally speaking, closed source is bad, software patents are bad, and copyright law is...meh. Institutions considered  Evil (tm) include RIAA/MPAA, Microsoft, Apple, and Google, pretty much in that order.
  8. A liberal arts degree is pretty much useless.
  9. Don't complain about how the software works unless you're committed to making the change yourself and have the code to prove it. See point #4 above for imporant advice on making code changes.
  10. Respect the maintainer(s).


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