First off, this is not an infomercial describing a service I offer, this is a genuine question I'm asking. I should preface this entire post by saying I'm dedicated to working with designers and agencies; I love my clients and my business model, I have no desire to change this. I pride myself on being a technology partner for my clients. This will not change.

I started selling my services under the banner a few years ago, marketed as a Drupal development service for designers and agencies. The only other player at the time was CodeMyConcept. CMD has been relatively successful over the years in that it hit the market I wanted to target, has brought in new business, and garnered the type of attention I wanted (at the time) to achieve. It's also easy to remember and has a decent Google pagerank (5 or 6, I can't remember).

I'm debating whether I should keep using the name. My issue is there are now so many "CodeMy..." services out there that I'm wondering if this dilutes my brand. Every one of these CodeMy services I've found does PSD to HTML conversion, which is exactly what I set out NOT to do. I'm concerned that when people see "CodeMyDesigns", they instantly think "yep, seen that before".

(Interestingly, there has been a significant drop-off in the number of new account and contact form submissions over the last 6 months, at a magnitude of more than 1000%; this has no correlation with revenue).

My goal in business is to differentiate myself. I don't offer a commodity service; my services are like buying a Tiffany diamond or a Lexus instead of a Toyota. I'm fearful that by using a "CodeMy..." name I'm instantly lumped into the "been there, done that" category I purposely set out NOT to be in. I'm not a Toyota Corolla, haha.

I realize CMD is only a name and that I'll earn clients by consistently developing high-end, top quality Drupal sites. But my question is this: does CMD denote a sub-par commodity service, a "hey, we're like the other CodeMy guys" solution?

Essentially I'm struggling with the question: Should I continue selling under the brand?