I am concerned Dries abused his power in the Drupal community to eject a member based on his own decision without a vote from the Drupal Association or another governing body. 

Here's the chain of events that led to the current Drupal uproar, in order, according to publicly-available documents:

  1. < gossip gossip guess what about Larry >*
  2. The CWG investigates Larry, finds he did not violate Code of Conduct but that some issues "needed to be escalated to Dries". 
  3. Dries removes him from the project. 
  4. Megan (Executive Director of the Drupal Association) removes his session and track chair seat
  5. Larry files an appeal and there was a "full board review" of the situation. 
  6. After the review the decision was upheld

It concerns me that Dries, or any individual for that matter, can arbitrarily remove contributors and maintainers from the Drupal project without any type of vote or agreement from a governing board. Yes there was a "full board review" of the situation but this happened weeks after Dries removed Larry from the project

So my question: Was there a vote from anyone before Dries initially removed him from the project? 


* This gossip is currently "being addressed with the CWG" because "evidence was brought forth in a manner that is not in alignment with Drupal values". According to Larry, this person cyber-stalked him on kink-related websites and made snapshots of his private online profiles and online discussions. One of these conversations dates 2003, discussed here on Reddit