First off, very disappointed that it's a major PITA to install a Razer Megalodon on a Windows 7 machine. If you've found this post, you're probably in the same boat as I was. You may have found the Razer support page which claims to fix the problem, but clicking on the firmware update link at the bottom of the page leads to a 404. You may even have tried theYoutube video to follow along, but noticed the comment from @cultofrazer that says "We've removed the file as we are currently developing a new firmware updater for the Razer Megalodon. We anticipate the updater to be released toward the end of February."

Well it's mid-April and there still isn't an update from Razer. However, I successfully installed the Razer Megalodon on my Windows 7 machine using the following process:

  1. Download the 2.12 firmware update; Razer keeps on deleting the file from their website and I keep on finding other locations. Let me know if the previous link leads to a 404 and I'll find a new one.
  2. Plug in the headset to a USB port, go to Control Panel -> System and click device manager. Open up Sound, video and game controllers, select Razer Megalodon, and uninstall
  3. Unplug the headset and run the 2.12 firmware update executable.
  4. Next, and this is important, plug the headset into an obscure USB port that you'll never use again. Windows will install the driver.
  5. Unplug the headset and plug it into the USB port you will always use; make sure you always plug the headset into this port, otherwise you may have problems and need to go through the process again.
  6. Finally, go to Control Panel -> Sounds and you'll see "Speakers 4-Razer Megalodon". Click the device and select "Set Default Device".

Hope this helps, let me know if it works for you!


You are a gift to mankind.
I did a reinstall of windows 7 and just couldn't get it to work anymore. You saved me big time. Thank you
Kind regards
Chris Westheim from the Netherlands

Rj, i don't know who you are or where you are. But I will find you and hug you for this! <3

Hi, when I get to step 4, and plug the headset in, windows pops up and says that the driver wasn't installed correctly, it does work on my old computer, but not on the new one, did I just forget to install something or what is going on? My old headset is working totally fine. Hope you can help me!
Greetings from Denmark

This was the same problem that led me to selling the headset. I found that I had to install the device on a new USB port every time I disconnected it from the computer. After awhile I ran out of USB ports. Sorry I can't help, it seems this is more a problem with the design and development of the headset and not something they're willing to fix.

Oh okay, one thing is fore sure though, I am never more going to buy anything from razer, they've given me nothing but bugs and things that never worked. God I am tired of em, but I will nevertheless try to find a solution, and if I do find one, I'll make sure to post it here!

i don't get it, my windows 7 64-bit computer won't recognize the usb, but on my other computer with another version of windows it recognizes it instantly

I found I had to switch to a new USB port every time I unplugged the headset. Finally I ran out of USB ports and the headset didn't work at all.

Okay, so my brother helped me, and now the computer can see it as razer megalodon and not just unknown device. BUT even when it's selected as the main device, there's just no sound coming from it, but the mic seems to be working just fine. Any solutions to this?
It's really starting to bug me, I think I've spent 40 hours or more now trying to find a solution.
One fun thing though. It did work for a short while, without me even doing anything. I was just surfing around the web, and clicked on a youtube video and suddenly, sound coming from it.
Unfortunaly it's a new computer, and my HDD first arrived the day after (I was using SSD before) so when I unplugged everything to put the HDD in, it stopped working, and since then I had the no sound problem, anyone got a fix for this, seriously I will come to whereever you live and kiss you <3

Plug in the headset to a USB port, go to Control Panel -> System and click device manager. Open up Sound, video and game controllers, select Razer Megalodon, and uninstall. alright i go to control panel then device manager i open sound video and game controllers and there is NO Razer megalodon what now?

I found that I had to install RM on a new USB port. If I disconnected it from the USB port, I then needed to install in on a new USB port. Rinse, repeat until you're out of ports.

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