I'm in the process of remodeling my garage. It's a one-car garage with one cinderblock wall and the rest as unfinished drywall. So far I've installed plumbing for a sink and prepared the drywall for painting. Par for the course for a man-cave, especially since the only reason I'm doing this is to build a room for my kegerator.

Scope creep began when my father-in-law asked me if I was going to paint the cinderblock wall. I had no plans to paint, I thought it would be too big job, but he convinced me I could simply buy "cinderblock paint" and be done with it. Okay, I thought, why not if it's that easy. Then he asked me if I was going to paint the garage floor. No way, why would I do that?

I returned all the paint I had bought and purchased exterior paint specially forumulated for drywall and cinderblock. One of those big 5-gallon buckets, enough to paint the world. It involved an extra trip to the store, but hey, it was worth it, because I'd have a completely white garage that would compliment my kegerator. Good stuff, I took the family.

I started painting the first coat. The drywall was easy but the cinderblock.... it took a lot of paint. Tonight I started on the second coat (much needed, there's no way one coat would do) and was surprised at the weight of the 5 gallon bucket. "Have I really used this much paint?" I asked myself.

I managed to paint the ceiling before I realized I would run out of paint well before I finished the second coat on all walls. I called Lowes but they were closed (I work late), and managed to get another wall finished before I ran out of paint. I'd have to make another trip to Lowes, which was fine because I had more paint-the-garage-related-products (from my inital visit) to return.

That's when I looked at the floor. The second-coat-finished walls were incredible, glorious, flat white, beautiful. The floor, on the other hand, was oil stained, paint stained, ugly, and just didn't fit the style that a kegerator demands.

So in addition to needing a second 5-gallon bucket of paint, I also need to paint and epoxy-coat a garage floor. Thus, scope creep begins.

Did I mention my wife is already talking about mood lighting and a sound system?