I am primarily a Drupal site builder and themer, and occasional writer of code; my core skill-set is not in programming but in building and selling Drupal (I'm a true evangelist). That said, I have some thoughts on Drupal 8 core that I, as a hardcore Drupal user, would love to share. Here goes:

  • Please integrate views. I'd love to see all core modules migrated to views, so that if I wanted to, I could change the content list page through the views UI. This would ideally involve views bulk operations and views popup (for the help module). Just talkin' outloud. :)
  • Help us stage content and site changes. Right now I use a combination of features and node_export (and maybeservices), but as a colleague once said, "it would be nice if this all happened behind the scenes". I think this involves settling the debate over content vs. config in a db, but really, I would love to have something that just works.
  • Can we haz panels in place of blocks too plz?
  • I once tweeted that D8 should be for developers and d9 for UX. I still feel this is true, as if Drupal needs to become a framework (D8) with a killer UI (D9). You could say that I'm a fan of small (fast) core.

Anyways, just my $.02. Back to work.


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