Today I was feeling a little delirious and decided to write a module that would embed a hidden easter egg on my site. After doing a little research, I decided that 1) The Konami Code would trigger the easter egg, and 2) Browser Ponies would be the hidden easter egg. Go ahead and try it out, enter the following code on your keyboard:

Konami Code

OMG!!! Ponies!!!

I contributed the module back to Drupal, you can download it here. It's a pretty simple module; there is a hook_init that loads the required javascript and then a javascript function that listens for the Konami Code. When the Konami Code is entered in the keyboard, it triggers the Browser Ponies (BP) library.

UPDATE: BP is now using Drupal.settings.browser_ponies and has an admin screen to-boot. 

Final update, this has been patched against the Konami Code module here:


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