How to setup a local development environment for Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 with apache, mysql, php, svn, git, eclipse, dnsmasq, and Drush

My hard drive crashed this last week and I ended up setting up a local dev environment on Ubuntu on a couple machines. Here are the steps I took; this should get anyone to a place where they're ready to start Drupal development on a local machine. In a nutshell, this how-to includes installing and configuring Ubuntu 12.04, Apache 2.2 (including virtual hosts configuration), MySQL 5.5, PHP 5.3.x, phpMyAdmin, SVN 1.7, Git, Eclipse (with PDT, Remote System Explorer, Subclipse, Egit), dnsmasq, and Drush.

Lame Drupal Jokes

For a couple months, I was driving between DC and Wilmington 2-4 times a week. These jokes are a result of that drive. Feel free to add your own in the comment section. 

What did Drupal say to the database? Wanna hook_update?

Why did the block cross the road? To get to the other region.

What did the module say to the theme? You're blocking my view.

Why was the menu link sad? It didn't get a callback after the argument.

What did D6 say to D7? I look forward to meeting you. What did D7 say to D6? Nothing.


Some thoughts on Drupal 8

I am primarily a Drupal site builder and themer, and occasional writer of code; my core skill-set is not in programming but in building and selling Drupal (I'm a true evangelist). That said, I have some thoughts on Drupal 8 core that I, as a hardcore Drupal user, would love to share. Here goes:


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